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Commentary: Intelligence-based Origin TracingReveals an Incapable U.S.

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-09-02 09:33:33| Author: Staff Reporters

A pedestrian walked through a pharmacy offering COVID-19 vaccinations in New York, the U.S., Aug 11, 2019.(PHOTO:XINHUA)

By Staff  Reporters

The U.S. intelligence community (IC), with a bad track record of manipulating information, released a report on COVID-19 origin tracing on August 27.

The report, neither credible nor science-based, is inconclusive. The IC assesses that "two hypotheses are plausible: natural exposure to an infected animal and a laboratory-associated incident." Furthermore, the White House's statement on the IC's investigation accused China of "preventing international investigations" and "rejecting calls for transparency."

This obviously shows that the U.S. is politicizing the COVID-19 origin tracing and stigmatizing China, but it is incapable of giving any substantive evidence.

From the Gulf of Tonkin incident off the coast of Vietnam in the 1960s to the "baby incubators" event in Kuwait in the 1990s, from the spying accusation for scientist Wen Ho Lee at the end of last century to the latest COVID-19 origin tracing, the U.S. has been a veteran in fabricating international or individual incidents.

It is necessary for us to look beyond American tricks, not only regarding the COVID-19 origin tracing but in many other aspects.

The whole world now can see that the U.S. is losing in Afghanistan. Neither the miserable situation at the Afghan airport, the furious families of the dead American servicemen, nor the humiliation of the Republicans could persuade the U.S. president into reversing his decision of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

The reason behind this is simply that the U.S. is no longer financially or mentally capable of sustaining its once hegemonic image. Otherwise, how could the Democrats and Republicans, which have joined hands to go against China, once again reach a consensus to shrink overseas military spending and kick-start infrastructure building at home?

However, it is not easy for a big boat to turn round. There is already resistance to withdrawing military spending from Afghanistan and investing in infrastructure at home. The country's 28 trillion U.S. dollars national debt crisis is yet to be solved, and it spares no effort to ease its allies' anxiety.

In a word, what the U.S. worries is that China will overtake it. So it's going all out to stop China from recovery.

The U.S. is always adept at passing the buck. Its intention to deflect its internal conflicts, cover up its failure in pandemic control, and suppress its competitors to continue its dream of hegemony is becoming more and more obvious.

In face of the tricks that the incapable U.S. is playing, in addition to calling for a science-based COVID-19 origin tracing, China should focus on doing its own things right, such as maintaining its pandemic control achievements, accelerating its structural reforms and enhancing its social unity.

Editor:TANG Zhexiao

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