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Ten Major Actions Rolled Out for Carbon Peaking by 2030

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-11-04 09:41:03| Author: Li Linxu

By LI Linxu

Soon after unveiling the top-level design to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, China has rolled out an action plan to peak its carbon dioxide emissions before 2030.

The document, titled Action Plan For Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030, details the country's main objectives and major actions towards carbon peaking.

Carbon peaking is considered as a hallmark event in an economy's green and low-carbon transformation, said an official from the National Development and Reform Commission in response to media queries, adding China's carbon peaking and neutrality goals are fully in line with the goals and requirements of the Paris Agreement.

The plan, released by the State Council, focuses on the 14th Five-Year Plan period and the 15th Five-Year Plan period, which are two crucial periods for carbon peaking.

Over the 14th Five-Year Plan period, notable progress will be made in adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure and the energy mix, according to the plan.

During the 15th Five-Year Plan period, major progress will be made in adjustment of the industrial structure, and a clean, safe, efficient and low-carbon energy system will be preliminary established, says the plan.


To ensure carbon peaking by 2030,the plan puts forwards ten major actions, including the action for green and low-carbon energy transition, the action for energy saving, carbon emission mitigation and efficiency improvement, and the action for promoting green and low-carbon transportation.

The plan also calls for the action for advancing green and low-carbon technology. The country will promote the supporting and guiding role of sci-tech innovation and improve the relevant mechanisms and systems, so as to accelerate the revolution in green and low-carbon science and technology.

"A national green technology trade center will be set up to accelerate the commercialization of innovations, " says the plan, adding that the intellectual property right protection for green and low-carbon technologies and products will be strengthened.


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